Real Estate Closings

The Baringer Law Firm, L.L.C. provides real estate closing services for both residential and commercial properties through its affiliate Creekstone Title, L.L.C. They have extensive experience in large commercial real estate transactions. These transactions tend to be much more complex than the typical residential transaction. The tax and financial background of the attorneys at The Baringer Law Firm, L.L.C. make them particularly capable in the attention to detail required to competently handle such complex transactions.

Some real estate closings are more complex than others, and warrant an unusually qualified law firm like The Baringer Law Firm, LLC in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For example, closings involving commercial development property such as for a retail shopping center requires special experience and foresight to anticipate and provide for cross parking easements, right of passage easements and servitudes, drainage easements, and restrictive covenants designed to protect the quality of the development and assure compatible uses by shopping center tenants and outparcels. Special expertise is required to successfully maneuver through the various regulatory authorities such as planning and zoning commissions to obtain approvals of the subdivision and zoning of tracts of land.

Sound complicated? It is. With experience in a wide variety of business transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and real estate developments, combined with their expertise in taxation, commercial law, real estate law, finance and business law, you can have confidence that you will achieve your goals in any real estate transaction when relying upon The Baringer Law Firm, L.L.C. to guide you through the transaction. Contact the firm in regard to any real estate transaction. The attorneys are very familiar with the real estate closings process, having served clients in various capacities including service as counsel to sellers, buyers, lenders, and as exchange intermediary.

Attorney Dale Baringer is certified by the Louisiana State Bar Association as a specialist in tax law. He has taught numerous courses on 1031 like-kind exchanges, bankruptcy, business organizations, corporate and tax law and has a long list of successful transactions. Contact the Louisiana business and commercial law lawyers today.