Baton Rouge Construction Litigation Lawyers

Construction litigation, whether focused on construction defects or a breach of contract, can involve millions of dollars in damages. These cases often turn on highly technical issues explained to the jury by professional experts such as architects, engineers, materials experts, surveyors and hydrologists.

At The Baringer Law Firm, L.L.C., in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we have the knowledge, trial skills and resources to properly handle these complex matters for our clients. From reviewing blueprints and contracts to hiring critical experts, you can rely on us to put forward the best possible arguments on your behalf and focus on protecting your interests. Our construction litigation section is headed by James S. Holliday, Jr., a noted author of Louisiana Construction Law, published by West Publishing Co. as a part of its Louisiana Practice Series. Mr. Holliday’s book is considered by members of the construction law bar as the “go to manual” on Louisiana construction law.

Construction Defect Litigation

Our clients include construction companies, subcontractors, homeowners and others who are involved in construction litigation matters involving issues such as:

  • Water intrusion and mold
  • Lack of fire stops and other building code violations
  • Defective materials
  • Preparation, grading and landscaping issues
  • Blueprint deviation
  • Improperly set concrete
  • Defective plumbing and wiring
  • Shear wall issues
  • Improper tucking

Subcontractor Liability

The frequent use of subcontractors on projects adds a layer of complexity to many construction litigation matters. When disputes arise involving the work done by subcontractors, thorough documentation is key. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate the work done by installers, inspectors and workmen, searching for mistakes that could lead to liability. This includes working with safety experts, architects and engineers to determine if subcontractors were negligent in matters involving construction defects.

New Orleans Construction Contract Dispute Attorneys

If you have suffered financial harm as a result of construction defects or a breach of contract, it is in your interest to discuss your situation with our experienced lawyers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.