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The Baringer Law Firm, LLC

With a reputation as knowledgeable Baton Rouge business law attorneys and exceptional litigators, The Baringer Law Firm, LLC has represented some of the largest business enterprises in Louisiana. The firm’s business clients range from sophisticated business investors to first-time business owners. Its broad range of business law experience allows the firm’s lawyers to assist business clients at any level. To consult with a seasoned business law attorney, contact The Baringer Law Firm, LLC today.

Business Startups

Louisiana merger and acquisition law attorney, Dale R. Baringer has lectured extensively on the topic of starting a business. Whether it’s starting an individual business, corporation, LLC, or drafting a partnership agreement, for advice and guidance in choosing a business entity for a new business formation, Louisiana entrepreneurs trust The Baringer Law Firm, LLC to help them make informed decisions.

First-time business owners often want to know whether to incorporate or form an LLC. As a bar certified specialist in tax law, Dale R. Baringer can knowledgeably explain the tax planning factors that may influence the way in which a new corporation or new business venture chooses to organize. Capable of discussing all possible tax benefits and ramifications in a clear manner, he equips business owners with the information needed to make an informed decision.

Small Business Transactions

Small business owners need the right tools when deciding to sell their business. The business attorneys at The Baringer Law Firm, LLC have the knowledge necessary to advise business owners on how to buy or sell a business. For any business, be it a radio or TV broadcasting company, real estate development company, professional services company, insurance company, ice cream shop, etc., The Baringer Law Firm, LLC possesses the tools and skills to give clients advice on their best course of action.

Large Business Transactions

The Baton Rouge business law attorneys at The Baringer Law Firm, LLC understand that careful planning is necessary when a company plans for a merger, acquisition, or a major asset sale or purchase. They draft, review and negotiate contracts, oversee purchase and partnership agreements, and help corporations reorganize to optimize their tax structure. They have assisted in the conversion of partnerships and corporations into LLCs to take advantage of favorable tax strategies. Representative transactions include the conversion of a holding company for a life insurance company with over $400 million in assets to an LLC, and conversions of corporate subsidiaries in radio broadcasting, real estate development, and manufacturing into LLCs. With an LLM degree in tax law, attorney Dale R. Baringer can assist in almost any aspect of corporate tax planning.

Experienced Business Litigators

When conflicts arise over major corporate transactions, shareholders disputes, partnership agreements, LLC operating agreements, employment law, or real property transactions, the seasoned litigators of The Baringer Law Firm, LLC work aggressively to resolve disputes and protect the business interests of their clients. Their extensive trial experience includes cases of all sizes in both federal and state courts throughout Louisiana and numerous other states including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Delaware. The Baringer Law Firm, LLC has the diverse tools necessary to try the most complex cases in any courtroom.

For years, the Louisiana merger & acquisition law attorneys of The Baringer Law Firm, LLC have worked on behalf of business clients of all sizes. For capable representation by a lawyer who understands what it means to protect the interests of business, contact The Baringer Law Firm, LLC today.