Bankruptcy – Creditor Representation

Protecting Creditor Rights And Creditor Representation

The climate of corporate bankruptcy has changed dramatically, and the Louisiana bankruptcy attorneys of The Baringer Law Firm, LLC have adapted new methods for protecting their clients’ interests. The Baringer Law Firm, LLC protects creditors’ rights in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, working with creditor committees and bankruptcy trustees to negotiate corporate debt settlement plans.

Creditors should be aware that inaction in the face of a bankruptcy filing by a debtor may result in the loss of the right to share in the assets of an insolvent debtor or in the future income or profits of a reorganized debtor.

For a team of Louisiana chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys who work to resolve bankruptcy debts of any size, contact the lawyers at The Baringer Law Firm, LLC today.

While large companies undergo reorganization under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, their creditors must carefully monitor the developments in the case and must often go to court to protect their investments and minimize losses of any bankruptcy debtor. Today, U.S. bankruptcy courts operate an electronic case filing system, allowing the Louisiana Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys of The Baringer Law Firm, LLC to monitor filings in Chapter 11 cases and file motions or objections on behalf of creditors across the country. Electronic filing has improved the speed with which cases can be resolved, and because this system provides immediate communication, The Baringer Law Firm, LLC now represents bankruptcy creditors in Chapter 11 cases as far away as New York, Michigan, Delaware, Georgia, Texas, and Florida. They gladly travel to represent banks and other corporate creditors in bankruptcy courts throughout the United States.

As an active lecturer, lead attorney Dale R. Baringer has presented numerous bankruptcy seminars, giving talks on Chapter 11 corporate bankruptcy, bankruptcy tax law, and Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges. He has served in large Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases as a court appointed examiner and as counsel to creditor committees, as well as counsel to trustees. He has also served as a court appointed receiver at the behest of the Currency Futures Trading Commission in a case in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida involving a fraudulent currency futures trading scheme.

He has both prosecuted and defended actions for recovery of fraudulent conveyances and preferential payments under the Bankruptcy Code. He has successfully objected to the right of debtors to a discharge (one representative case involved debts exceeding $67 million) and obtained judgments excepting from the debtor’s bankruptcy discharge his clients’ claims (two of these involved client claims exceeding $2 million each, one in a securities fraud case and the other in a case of fraud by a corporate officer).

His significant legal experience on all sides of corporate and individual bankruptcy qualifies him to resolve even the most complex bankruptcy disputes. To protect creditor investments while a corporation undergoes Chapter 11 bankruptcy, contact the experienced Louisiana bankruptcy attorneys of The Baringer Law Firm, LLC.

The Baringer Law Firm, LLC is also a debt relief agency and helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. They have specialized expertise in assisting clients with dischargeability of tax liabilities in bankruptcy.